Our Location

Amazing Location…
Fish the Glyde and Woolen Rivers Coastal plus the reefs of the Crocodile Island Group.  

Dhipirri Barra & Sportfishing Lodge is located in Arnhemland approx 350km north-east of Darwin.  Our exclusive beachfront location offers a vast range of fishing options from rivers and estuaries to flats and reef fishing.

We have approval from the local traditional owners allowing us access to the Glyde and Woolen Rivers, plus nearby coastal reefs and islands. We are the only guided fishing charter company that has exclusive rights to operate in this particular area.

Coastal Reefs

The Coastal Reefs in this area are pristine and have an amazing range of species for you to target.

Species include golden snapper, coral trout, black jewfish just to name a few.


The Glyde

The Glyde, located approx 5km west of the lodge, is fed by the infamous Arafura Swamp, which is a magnificent breeding area for the barramundi.

Main target is the elusive barramundi along with threadfin salmon and an abundance of mud crabs in the tributaries.

The Woolen

The Woolen, which is located approx 5km to the east of the lodge, is a predominately tidal river.

Framed by rocky headlands with the mouth being 90ft deep in areas, it opens up into numerous mangrove and rock bar lined estuaries.  There is also amazing sight fishing with crystal clear facts and gutters. Target species include barramundi, mangrove jacks and around the mouth, the pelagic species dominate with Spanish mackerel, giant trevally, queen fish and northern blue tuna.

The Crocodile Island Group

The Crocodile Island Group are a picturesque group of islands which include Milingimbi Island. The area features amazing flats and gutters which are great for sight fishing. The endless bank slides create snags that hold heaps of fish. Just off the islands are spectacular crystal clear shallow reefs.